Join us in Prayer…

Prayer is of transcendent importance. Prayer is the mightiest agent to advance God’s work. Praying hearts and hands only can do God’s work. Prayer succeeds when all else fails.

E. M. Bounds


  1. Pray for all of the pastors that we are working with as they go through the COVID-19 crisis.
    1. Many of them aren’t able to have services, and it’s not easy to do outreach with all of the restrictions.
    2. That God uses COVID-19 to create revival and a spiritual hunger among those who are without Christ.
    3. That fear would have no place in the hearts and minds of our pastors. The Lord would give them courage and strength.
    4. That the Lord will use this so that the communities where the churches are ministering will come to know Jesus through their testimony of love, unity, and boldness.
    5. Our schedule as for the time being all our trips and flights have been canceled or postponed.
    6. The families in Cuba. There is a scarcity of food, and families are struggling to feed their children. Give for the needs in Cuba…
  2. Our family as we mourn Dave’s mom, Virginia Diaso moving to heaven on March 19, 2020. You can read a tribute to her here…
  3. Dave’s dad, Ronald Diaso, moved to heaven on May 26, 2020.
  4. For the combined memorial service for Dad & Mom on June, 27, 11 AM at Riverpark Bible Church in Fresno, CA.
  5. Our son, David jr. has been having some health problems over the last couple of months. We are praying that he is completely healed soon.
  6. Pastor Federico and Blanca’s evangelism and outreach as they plant their church in Mexicali. They have started meeting with their core group and are seeking to expand it.
  7. Pastor Federico’s health and healing. He recently contracted the coronavirus.
  8. Federico and Blanca’s creative outreach during the COVID-19 crisis.
  9. Pastor Davis and Luz Pardo as they get settled in and start up the new church in the community of Playas in Tijuana. Pray for them to make new contacts for the church.
  10. Davis and Luz need an affordable washer-dryer combo for their apartment.
  11. Continue to pray for our Cuban familia as they work to plant churches in various cities on the big island.
  12. Pastor Petri & Yudy Petrikowski and their team as they work on their church plant, Renuevo in Ensenada. They just celebrated 3 years in March.
  13. Peter and Jenny Boling as they minister in La Paz, Baja California Sur. Church planters Jose Luis and Ana launched their first services in September.
  14. We are praying that we can be involved in seeing 1,000 churches planted in Mexico, Cuba and wherever else the Lord opens the door for us to minister Beyond Borders!
  15. Pray for our pastor friends as they lead their churches in Cuba under difficult circumstances.
  16. Dave’s working with Red de Multiplicación on a study in Mexico to evaluate how successful the training has been in reproducing churches.
  17. Pray for the funds that we need to raise for these new projects in Tijuana & Mexicali.
  18. A friend asked me at the beginning of 2018 what would be a miracle goal. After praying about it for some time I felt like it would be a miracle, something only God could do if we could be involved in helping to plant 1,000.
  19. Planting 1,000 churches requires a lot of resources. We are praying that the Lord will supply the needed financial support and raise up a team to help us reach our goal.
  20. We baptized 15 people into the church in Ensenada and received a total of 16 new members. Pray for the continued growth of the church as they reach out.
  21. Pray for Pastor Mere Godinez and his wife Edna as they lead the church plant in Mexicali. We dedicated the church on May 6th, 2018!
  22. Pray for Pastor Jovani and Esmeralda Robles as they plant their church in Tijuana. Esmeralda suffered a stroke last year. We are praying for her healing, and for the Lord’s grace and comfort.
  23. Our growing relationship with Multiplication Ministries (Red de Multiplicación) is opening doors for us, and helping us to extend our reach in church planting! Dave and Dawn will be going to a Red de Multiplicación conference in Bogota, Colombia in May.
  24. We give thanks for our son, Jonathan’s wedding and marriage to Hannah Blanco Diaso on December 1, 2018.
  25. Our son, Jonathan recently found out that he has diabetes. We are praying for his health and healing.
  26. We give thanks for our son David’s wedding and married to Emily Tenison Diaso. on May 26, 2019.
  27. God’s continued work of healing for our family as we grieve our daughter, Hannah’s moving to heaven.
  28. Dawn’s mom, Alice is now living with us.
  29. For our trips and just ministry, in general, we ask for:
    1. For strength and stamina while we travel
    2. Unity, love, and peace between us and all those that we minister with.
    3. Dave & Dawn will walk in the fruit of the Spirit moment by moment as we serve.
    4. That we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading.
    5. Wisdom, discernment, strength, power, and protection, as we fight the spiritual battles that the Lord is calling us into.
  30. Dawn’s been having some health problems and she’s been having a hard time sleeping at night. We are praying for complete and total healing.
  31. The Lord has given Dave and Dawn some great opportunities to coach pastors and their wives in Tijuana, Ensenada, and Mexicali.
  32. Wisdom for our leadership in Mexico as we seek to see the gospel go forth, and for the church to expand.
  33. For Redeemer San Diego in their growing partnership with us on the Ensenada church planting project.
  34. Dawn and Dave need to work on raising more support and to trust the Lord to provide so that we will be fully funded, and be able to focus on the ministry on the border.
  35. For Jim DeWitt as he is ministering with our team, and serving with us in the area of executive administration and training.
  36. For the migrants that are stuck at the border and they have many needs – physical, spiritual and emotional.
  37. God is opening up some new opportunities as I get to know the leaders of the Mexican National Presbyterian Church on the border, and throughout Baja California.
    • Pray that my relationship with them will be strengthened, and for wisdom about the best way to work with them.
  38. For our relationship with the MTW Monterrey team as we work with them on various church planting projects including the church planter’s incubator training and training for coaches.
  39. The ministry of Ministerios Transformación:
    • Pray for Pastor Daniel and Yolanda Nuñez and their ministry with Ministerios Transformación formerly Lo Mejor Del Trigo (LMT) in Tijuana. Daniel is the leader of the MT movement.
    • The new church plant in Rosarito, Mexico which is led by Pastor Victor Bravo along with his wife, Sol. The church is reaching out into the community feeding children and offering a tutoring program.
    • The new church plant in Valle Verde/Rivera del Bosque is off to a good start. Pray that it continues to grow under Pastor Ivan Casados’ leadership.
    • For Abraham and Martha Velazquez. Abraham pastors the Ministerios Transformación church in Rojo Gomez. He and Martha need wisdom as they balance ministry and family.
    • For Pastor Jaime and Valentina Rodriguez as they lead the MT in La Morita.
    • For Pastor Jose Luis and Raquel Rivera. They are working in a difficult area called Lazaro Cardenas. Pray for the gospel to breakthrough.
  40. God’s blessing, wisdom, and direction as I network on the San Diego – Tijuana border.
  41. Pray for the leadership of Bridge and Pastor Christian Castro as is now leading the church.
  42. Pray for Dick Kaufmann who founded the former Harbor Network of churches. Dick’s been a great friend and coach to me. Pray for his health.
  43. Give thanks for a fruitful trip that Dave had in Colombia starting on June 26th, and then he was in Lima, Peru for a Latin American alliance for church planting. Various ministries were involved: City to City, Red de Multiplicación, Cru, Mission to the World, Acts 29. South American Missions, TEAM, and others.
  44. That the Lord will raise up more workers. We need an administrator, trainer/educator, coordinator of mercy ministries, church planters, and evangelist. We are also praying for interns to join and help.

Our Family:

  1. David, Jr. works with United Technologies. He moved to Colorado Springs in the Summer of 2018. He married Emily on May 26, 2019, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We are very happy for them!
  2. Jonathan lives in Colorado Springs and is working at USAA while going to school at Grand Canyon University. Jonathan married Hannah, in a beautiful wedding ceremony on December 1, 2018 in Colorado Springs. We are very excited for them and their lives together!
  3. The Lord called Hannah home suddenly and unexpectedly on October 18, 2016. We are grieving her loss while remembering our hope of heaven. This is an ongoing battle – it doesn’t seem to go away with time.
  4. We love our children and we are very proud of them.
  1. I’ll be praying for you brother


  2. Theresa peppell says:

    Prayed for you all.


  3. David & Uni McEntee says:

    What a wonderful celebration with a new church! Prayers for your ministry and your dear family!


  4. Lucy T says:

    Hi, David, Dawn and Family, We are praying for you. It’s unclear to us what Hannah’s difficulties are, but we are still lifting her and all of you up in prayer. It’s pretty awesome to see you all pushing forward in the face of challenging times and trusting God. He is always faithful, as Samuel Rutherford put it “Seldom early but never late” in His answering. Congratulations to David for his great work at college and his job at Pratt and Whitney; it’d be interesting to hear what in particular he’s working on for them, as we have a bunch of aviation buffs here. Blessings on you all! Love in Christ, Lucy for the T family


  5. Robert Johnson says:

    Hi to David and Dawn from Bob Johnson in Colton, CA. I sympathize with you over Hannah’s loss but heaven’s gain. My beloved Evie is there also and at this Thanksgiving season, we miss them even more. I even had my cry session this AM and remembered the “Jesus Wept” too – and when I was tired of moping, I returned to Thanksgiving and felt God’s new Presence. I learned again that T is powerful. fill your mind with praise and your body restores – it is a really powerful expression of faith that makes Leper’s whole . So happy and powerful Thanksgivings as you review the big picture.
    She is having one really great time in heaven with Jesus Christ andEvie J and I am OK too along with you!. Love in the Savior and Good Shepherd who restores my soul ! Bob bJ an Old Navy Chaplain.

    Liked by 1 person

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